Must-Have Firefighter Exam Prep Books [2023]

When it comes to preparing for the firefighter exam, having the right prep material is essential. But with so many choices available, it can be hard to know what’s best.

To help you find the best study guide and tools possible, we’ve listed some of our top picks below.

Taking the firefighter written exam is one of the primary steps in becoming a fireman. It typically occurs before interviews or physical agility tests and can be very daunting.

If you want to ensure your chances of achieving your dream job with an exceptional department, then it’s essential that you prepare yourself beforehand using high-quality firefighter examination prep books! But what are some of the best ones out there?

The main difference between most firefighter exam prep books is what is inside them. The best books are the ones that not only tell you what will be on the test, but also provide practice exams and study tips.

What is the Firefighter Exam?

Whether you’re a firefighter prospect or experienced professional, your knowledge and capabilities are put to the test during the rigorous Firefighter Exam.

Taking place at various locations throughout the year, this assessment is composed of written, verbal and physical examinations that accurately measure an individual’s capacity for success in firefighting roles.

What’s on the Firefighter Exam?

Firefighter Exam Prep Books is committed to helping you ace the firefighter application process from the written and verbal tests, all the way through medical evaluations.

The pass-fail written exams involve a range of multiple-choice and true/false questions on spatial awareness, reading comprehension, mechanical reasoning, logic skills, observation abilities and memory recall; while oral examinations are conducted in an interview format. No matter how daunting it may seem at first glance — we’re here for you every step of the way!

How is the Firefighter Exam scored?

When taking the firefighter exam, you will receive your results upon completion in a pass/fail format. The test is administered through computer and as soon as it’s finished, you can view your score directly on the screen!

What is the CPAT?

The Candidate Physical Ability Test is a rigorous examination carried out by applicants seeking to become firefighters.

It involves them completing tasks such as climbing stairs while wearing gear that simulates what they would use in the field, and it takes place at the firehouse which they are applying for.

This enables hiring departments to assess candidates on their physical capacity and strength before making any decisions regarding employment opportunities.

How do I register for the Firefighter Exam?

If you’re interested in becoming a firefighter, don’t forget to apply for any fire departments looking to hire! Doing so will give you the opportunity to take part in the firefighter exams and potentially become one step closer to achieving your career goals.

Top Fire Test Prep Books

Norman Hall's Firefighter Exam Preparation Book
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Hall, Norman (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 320 Pages - 10/03/2023 (Publication Date) - Simon & Schuster (Publisher)

Norman Hall is an experienced firefighting instructor with decades of experience in the industry. He has written numerous books on test preparation for firefighters, including his highly successful first edition of Norman Hall’s Firefighter Exam Preparation Book.

His comprehensive and detailed approach to helping readers score high marks on their tests has earned him a reputation as one of the top experts in this field. Through his work, aspiring firefighters can develop the skills needed to succeed on their exams.

He has dedicated himself to helping the next generation of firefighters reach their full potential.

Norman Hall’s Firefighter Exam Preparation Book, 2nd Edition is the definitive guide to acing your firefighter exam.

Fully updated and revised for this second edition, this comprehensive book provides essential tips on how to pass the physical requirements, practice exams with answer keys, memory aids to help you master the recall test, tables for self-scoring, insights on what a career in firefighting entails, and much more. With Norman Hall’s Firefighter Exam Preparation Book, you will learn all the key strategies and tools you need to score 80% to 100%.

Plus, it comes with a satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t attain success with this book as promised then your purchase price will be fully refunded see inside for details!

Readers of this book can expect to benefit greatly from Norman Hall’s proven system for success.

Through the use of practice exams with answer keys, memory aids, and tables for self-scoring, readers will be able to practice and test their knowledge so they can score 80% or higher on the firefighter exam.

Additionally, upon purchasing this book, readers have the added assurance of a money-back guarantee if they don’t score at least 80%.

With Norman Hall’s Firefighter Exam Preparation Book, you can be sure to prepare effectively and ace your exam!

Just My Opinion Review

Need help acing your exam? This book has got you covered! With minimal prep time, it narrows down the topics that require extra attention so you can impress on test day.

It worked for me I passed with flying colors and am confident this resource will do the same for others.


  • Includes practice exams with answer keys to help you prepare for the test.
  • Offers comprehensive coverage of all areas on the test, including physical requirements and memory aids.
  • Provides detailed insights into what a career in firefighting entails.
  • Guarantees top scores on your firefighter’s exam or your purchase price will be refunded.


  • Requires diligent studying and memorization to score well on the exam.
  • Not available as an ebook at this time; only printed versions are available for purchase.
  • Does not cover any tips or strategies related to responding effectively during an interview.

Norman Hall’s Firefighter Exam Preparation Book 2nd Revised & Updated Edition is a comprehensive guide to help you score high on your firefighter’s exam, featuring tips for passing physical requirements, practice exams and answer keys, memory aids, self-scoring tables, insights on firefighting careers, and a discussion of the final interview. ​​​​​​

Master the Civil Service Exams
  • Peterson's (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 454 Pages - 01/08/2019 (Publication Date) - Peterson's (Publisher)

James J. Murtagh is an experienced firefighter, public speaker and author with over 30 years of experience in firefighting and emergency services.

He has been a Captain for the Fire Department of New York since 1992, and served as a volunteer firefighter in upstate New York before that. In addition to his experience in the fire service, Murtagh holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and is the co-author of several popular books on firefighting exam prep, including “Firefighter Candidate Exams (Barron’s Test Prep) Eighth Edition”.

He has also written articles for numerous magazines, spoken at conferences around the world on preparing candidates for successful careers in firefighter education and training, and has appeared on national television discussing fire safety topics.

With his vast knowledge and experience in the field, Murtagh is an excellent resource for those seeking to become certified firefighters.

His expertise and guidance make him a valuable asset when it comes to preparing for a firefighter exam.

Barron’s Firefighter Candidate Exams (Eighth Edition) offers complete preparation for firefighter candidates.

This book contains the information necessary to understand and pass the written, physical, and medical tests that all firefighters must take. With a brand-new chapter on mechanical reasoning and advice on how to prepare before taking the exam, this updated edition provides six full-length practice exams with answers and explanations.

Firefighter Candidate Exams provides readers with the tools they need to ace their firefighter exams.

Readers will benefit from comprehensive instruction on physical, medical and written tests, as well as information on revised exams (CPAT) to prepare them for the challenges of the exam.

The book also includes a preliminary diagnostic exam and six full-length practice exams to help hone test-taking skills. Additionally, each practice question is answered and explained in detail so that readers can quickly identify areas where improvement is needed. In short, Firefighter Candidate Exams serves as an invaluable resource for all aspiring firefighters looking to excel at their exams.

Just My Opinion Review

When I first heard about the study guide for the Firefighter entrance exams, I was excited but also a bit apprehensive.

After all, it wasn’t cheap and I wanted to make sure that what I got would be worth my money.

So when I found out that they offered timely shipping at a good price, my heart leapt with joy!

I ordered without hesitation and eagerly awaited its arrival. When it finally arrived on my doorstep after only two days of ordering, I couldn’t believe how quickly everything had happened!

The book was in pristine condition and exactly as described. It seemed like this was going to be the perfect tool for me to get ready for the exams!

The study guide contained all of the information needed to prepare adequately for firefighter entrance exams from passing knowledge tests to physical fitness tips it had all been included in comprehensive detail. To top things off, there were even mock tests provided so that one could practice in order to gain confidence before taking on the real thing!

All of this combined made me feel more confident than ever before about being able take on those difficult tasks ahead of me and succeed at them too!

In short, if you’re looking into entering firefighting services or just want some help preparing yourself better for any kind of exam related activities then this book is definitely your go-to resource.

Not only did it arrive quickly but also at an affordable price so don’t hesitate and give it a try today; you won’t regret it one bit!


  • Comprehensive coverage of firefighter exam topics and terminology.
  • Includes a diagnostic test to evaluate current skills before beginning studying.
  • Offers six full-length practice exams with answers and explanations.
  • Features advice on physical fitness standards and recognizing weaknesses.
  • Includes a new chapter covering mechanical reasoning.


  • May require additional resources to fully understand some concepts.
  • Some readers may find the practice exams too difficult or too easy compared to real tests.
  • May be expensive for those on a budget or without access to discounts for books like this one.

This comprehensive guide provides the necessary information and practice exams to help prospective firefighters prepare for their firefighter candidate exams, as well as advice on physical fitness standards and mechanical reasoning.

McGraw-Hill Education Firefighter Exams, Third Edition
  • Spadafora, Ronald (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 640 Pages - 07/23/2018 (Publication Date) - McGraw Hill (Publisher)

Ronald R. Spadafora is a highly qualified FDNY Chief, with over four decades of experience in the firefighting field and an impressive record of success.

He has authored this authoritative all-in-one resource to give readers comprehensive information on Firefighter Exams given throughout the United States, as well as invaluable advice for the Psychological Tests and Oral Interviews related to fire department recruitment. With his expert guidance, readers can gain confidence in their test-taking skills and increase their chances of success.

Prepare like a professional and get the job you want with McGraw-Hill Education Firefighter Exams, 3rd Edition. Written by FDNY Chief Ronald R. Spadafora—with four decades of experience as a firefighter, instructor, mentor, and chief officer—this guide gives you the skills and knowledge you need to excel at every step of the recruiting process.

This comprehensive resource offers in-depth coverage for all areas of the exam, including Reading Comprehension, Tool Usage, Memorization and Visualization, Hydraulics, Problem Sensitivity, Psychological Tests, Oral Interviews, Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), fire department careers nationwide, test-taking strategies to help you avoid traps set by test makers, and invaluable shortcuts to save time and reduce mistakes.

You will also benefit from 6 full-length practice tests based on actual Firefighter Exams given throughout the United States, as well as 4 mini-courses in Math, Fire Science, Principles of Mechanics, and Emergency Medical Care. With McGraw-Hill Education Firefighter Exams you get the most trusted and comprehensive guide available to help you reach your dreams of becoming a firefighter!

McGraw-Hill Education Firefighter Exams, Third Edition provides readers with the tools they need to succeed on this important exam and advance their career.

With comprehensive coverage of the topics and questions tested, plus insider information and test-taking tips, readers can be confident that they are well prepared for success on the firefighter exam.

This book also includes six full-length practice tests to help readers become familiar with the types of questions asked and hone their skills in preparation for their exam. Additionally, four mini-courses provide knowledge in critical areas such as Mathematics, Fire Science, Principles of Mechanics, and Emergency Medical Care. Written by FDNY Chief Ronald R. Spadafora with decades of firefighting experience under his belt, readers can be assured that this book is the most reliable and up-to-date Firefighter Exam prep resource available. With McGraw-Hill Education Firefighter Exams, Third Edition, readers will have an advantage when it comes to achieving their highest score on the exam!

Just My Opinion Review

I was incredibly nervous about the upcoming department test. I had been studying for weeks, but still felt like I didn’t know enough to pass the test.

Fortunately, my mentor suggested that I take some practice exams first in order to evaluate where I needed to focus my efforts. After taking 3-4 full-length practice tests, it became obvious which areas of the material were giving me difficulty.

With this newfound knowledge, I dove into those chapters and focused on understanding their content deeply.

With each passing day, I could feel myself becoming more confident in my comprehension of the material as well as in my ability to answer any questions related to it correctly.

The day before the exam arrived and all of my hard work seemed to have paid off when exam day finally came around, not only did a breeze through it with ease but also scored an impressive 98%. Thanks so much to those practice exams for pointing me towards areas where extra studying was necessary!


  • Comprehensive and relevant exam prep material
  • 6 full-length practice tests based on Firefighter Exams across the US
  • 4 mini-courses in Mathematics, Fire Science, Principles of Mechanics, and Emergency Medical


  • • Not suitable for test takers who are looking for more focused study materials.

This comprehensive guide offers over 125 years of educational experience along with 6 full-length practice tests, 4 mini-courses, expert advice, training tips, insider information, and invaluable shortcuts to help you get your best score on the Firefighter Exam.

Firefighter Exam
  • LearningExpress (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 368 Pages - 01/07/2016 (Publication Date) - Learningexpress, Llc (Publisher)

LearningExpress is a leading provider of test preparation materials, offering more than 500 titles that help students and adults achieve their educational and career goals. Their team of experts are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive learning resources to learners everywhere. The author behind Firefighter Exam 6th Edition has extensive experience in firefighting training and certification, ensuring that readers have access to the highest quality exam prep available. With LearningExpress’s commitment to excellence, readers can be sure they’re getting accurate and up-to-date material for their state’s firefighter certification exam.

The Firefighter Exam 6th Edition is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource available to help you prepare for any state’s firefighter certification exam. With 5 total practice exams, this guide provides a detailed, realistic study plan that covers every step of the selection process. This book also includes helpful advice about physical testing and oral interviews – giving you the edge against the competition. Whether you’re looking to join America’s ranks of respected firefighters or simply brush up on your skills, this book is an invaluable tool to help you succeed.

Readers will benefit from this book by gaining the confidence and knowledge needed to ace the firefighter exam. It provides detailed information about each step of the selection process, including 5 practice exams to help readers prepare for their certification exam. Additionally, it offers a realistic study plan that can be tailored to individual needs and goals. This book is essential for any aspiring firefighter looking to get ahead in their career. With its comprehensive coverage of key topics, readers will be prepared and ready to take on their next challenge!

Just My Opinion Review

It’s been a dream of mine since I was a little kid to become a firefighter. So when the time came and I had the opportunity to work towards this goal, I jumped at the chance.

After doing some research on what needed to be done in order to get certified, I quickly realized that there were going to be many tests involved both written and physical that would need my utmost preparation if I wanted any hope of passing them all.

That’s when I found LearningExpress’ Firefighter Exam 6th Edition guidebook. While it wasn’t required for me to use it during my certification process, after reading through it and seeing how comprehensive and accurate its practice tests were (simulating exactly what questions would come up on the actual exam!), as well as getting invaluable advice about each step of the selection process, not only did it help calm my nerves but gave me more confidence than ever before heading into the oral interview portion!

I’m proud (and relieved) to say that with help from this book, plus lots of hard work and dedication on my part, I passed all sections of the exam with flying colors!

It goes without saying then that if you’re looking into becoming a certified firefighter yourself or know someone who is interested in such an endeavor do yourself/them a favor and pick up LearningExpress’ Firefighter Exam 6th Edition guidebook; you won’t regret it!


  • Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the firefighter certification exam.
  • Includes five total practice exams for thorough preparation.
  • Presents the latest information on physical tests and oral interviews.
  • Offers a detailed, realistic study plan to help applicants prepare efficiently.


  • May be too comprehensive for those looking for a more basic guide to firefighting exam prep.
  • Not suitable for those taking exams outside their state as content may not apply.
  • Not intended as an introduction or overview of firefighting careers and requirements.

The Firefighter Exam 6th Edition by LearningExpress is a comprehensive guide that provides the necessary tools and information to help applicants pass the rigorous firefighter certification exam.

Civil Service Exam Study Guides: Civil Service Test Study Guide and Practice Test Questions (Police Officer, Clerical, Firefighter, etc.) [2nd Edition]
  • Tpb Publishing (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 190 Pages - 08/05/2020 (Publication Date) - Test Prep Books (Publisher)

Test Prep Books is the author of this comprehensive Civil Service Exam Study Guide.

They have an expert team of authors who specialize in test preparation, helping students to identify and address their weaknesses, making them strong candidates for successful exam results.

Authors are experienced educators and professionals in their respective fields, ensuring that their materials reflect the most accurate information about civil service tests and provide effective strategies for test-taking success.

Their guides are designed to give readers a clear understanding of what will be tested on exam day, as well as providing tips on how best to use the allotted time given to answer questions and maximize scores.

Test Prep Books’ Civil Service Exam Study Guide and Practice Test Questions is the perfect aid for passing your civil service exam.

This comprehensive 2nd edition guide contains a quick overview of the test-taking process, as well as test-taking strategies to help you maximize your score.

Comprehensive reviews cover all topics likely found on the civil service exam including spelling, vocabulary, analogies, reading comprehension and mathematics.

Practice questions with detailed answer explanations ensure that you won’t miss any questions twice!

Additionally, you’ll find expert advice on top test-taking tips so that you can avoid making common mistakes on test day.

Readers will benefit from using this book by getting a comprehensive overview of the Civil Service test and its requirements, as well as gaining access to practice test questions, detailed answer explanations and helpful test-taking strategies. With these tools, readers will be able to properly prepare for their upcoming Civil Service Exam, increasing their chances of success.

Additionally, readers can become more familiar with material likely to appear on tests, helping them save time and avoid making common mistakes on test day

Just My Opinion Review

It was the week before my firefighter exam, and I was feeling incredibly anxious. As someone who struggles with test-taking in general, I wasn’t sure how to best prepare myself for such an important exam.

But then, a friend recommended Test Prep Books’ Civil Service Exam Study Guides: Civil Service Test Study Guide and Practice Test Questions (Police Officer, Clerical, Firefighter, etc.)

I decided to give it a try and ordered the book online. When it arrived at my doorstep a few days later, I eagerly opened it up only to be pleasantly surprised by what I found inside!

The comprehensive reviews of all the material covered on the firefigther exam were very helpful in reinforcing my knowledge of each topic. In addition to that, there were plenty of practice questions scattered throughout the book that helped me build confidence going into the actual test day.

But most importantly – at least for me – there were also helpful test-taking strategies included at end of this study guide which showed me exactly how to use my time wisely on test day so as not make any common mistakes during those crucial hours spent taking the exam.

Armed with these strategies in hand – plus everything else that this book taught me about firefighting related material – I finally felt ready for success when it came time for me take the real thing!

Needless to say – after using Test Prep Books’ Civil Service Exam Study Guides: Civil Service Test Study Guide and Practice Test Questions (Police Officer, Clerical, Firefighter) etc., passing my firefighter exam ended up being much easier than anticipated! So if you’re ever looking for an awesome resource like this one yourself– don’t hesitate! It’s definitely worth checking out; Trust me you won’t regret your decision


  • Comprehensive review of all material likely to be on the Civil Service test
  • Practice test questions with detailed answer explanations
  • Latest test-taking strategies and tips
  • Includes spelling, vocabulary, analogies, reading comprehension and mathematics reviews


  • Does not include specific information about the Firefighter exam.
  • Not interactive or tailored for individual needs.
Master the Civil Service Exams
  • Peterson's (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 454 Pages - 01/08/2019 (Publication Date) - Peterson's (Publisher)

Peterson’s is a renowned publisher of educational materials and guides, known for its high-quality content created by experts in their respective fields.

The author of Master the Civil Service Exams 6th Edition is an experienced professional who has extensive knowledge of the civil service exam process and how to maximize success on the test.

He or she provides insightful tips and strategies for prospective job applicants as well as current information about the civil service job market. This authoritative resource provides an invaluable reference to anyone taking a civil service exam.

Peterson’s Master the™ Civil Service Exams is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to join the federal government. This comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide gives readers all of the information and practice they need to prepare for a successful civil service exam.

With four full-length practice tests complete with detailed answer explanations, review of essential skills such as math, verbal, clerical, and memory needed to excel on the exam, as well as tips and strategies from civil service experts on how to become an exemplary candidate in their field—this book has everything one needs to succeed. Additionally, current information on the civil service job market makes this guide an informative source of knowledge about projected areas of growth within the federal government.

Readers will benefit from using Master the Civil Service Exams 6th Edition by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the civil service exam.

From detailed math, verbal and clerical exercises to tips and strategies from civil service experts on becoming a successful job candidate, readers can be sure that their preparation for their exams are as thorough as possible.

Additionally, readers will gain access to current information on the civil service job market along with projected areas of growth in the federal government, allowing them to make informed decisions about their career paths.

Ultimately, this book provides readers with everything they need to know in order to pass their civil service exams and start pursuing their careers with confidence.  ​

Just My Opinion Review

Test takers, take note: This book is the definitive guide to helping you ace your civil service exams! Having previously taken two of these tests with less-than impressive results, I was thrilled when this book helped me pinpoint my problem areas and break down exactly which math questions posed an issue. With its help, hopefully tomorrow’s test will be a breeze that alone deserves four stars from me!


  • Comprehensive guide with practice tests and detailed answer explanations
  • Tips from civil service experts on how to become a first-rate job candidate
  • Current information on the civil service job market


  • More expensive than other preparation books
  • Not as much detail in math and verbal exercises compared to some other exam prep books
  • Doesn’t come with any additional resources, such as online support or an audio version of the material.

This book is a comprehensive guide for those who want to prepare for the federal civil service exam, featuring 4 full-length practice tests, review of necessary skills, tips from experts and more.

Kaplan Civil Service Exams (Kaplan Test Prep)
  • Kaplan Test Prep (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 368 Pages - 10/07/2008 (Publication Date) - Kaplan Test Prep (Publisher)

Kaplan Test Prep is a leading provider of test preparation resources, offering courses and study materials that help students prepare for their exams.

The team at Kaplan has over 40 years of experience helping students to gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed on standardized tests.

They have helped millions of students earn higher scores on college entrance exams, professional licensing exams, and certifications. With Kaplan Civil Service Exams (Second Edition), this experienced team brings their expertise to those who are preparing for civil service tests.

This comprehensive book offers detailed reviews, practice tests, score-raising strategies, and helpful advice to ensure success in any government job application process.

Kaplan Civil Service Exams, Second Edition is the ultimate exam prep book for individuals interested in pursuing a career in government and public service.

This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on topics typically covered on civil service exams, score-raising strategies to help maximize your performance, six full-length practice exams with detailed answer explanations, and advice and resources to get you successfully through the entire application process.

Readers of Kaplan Civil Service Exams, Second Edition will benefit from an in-depth review of the information covered on the civil service exams, score-raising strategies and practice exams.

The book also offers advice and resources for readers who need to prepare for a variety of civil service exams.

Detailed answer explanations are provided which allow readers to assess their progress as they work through the material.

This comprehensive guide enables government employment applicants to confidently navigate the recruitment process with greater success.

Just My Opinion Review

I was always the type of person who preferred to understand material rather than just memorize it. So when I had to take my first test, I thought that reading through all the answers and picking out the correct ones would be enough.

Sadly, my strategy didn’t pay off after diligently reviewing each answer choice, I still flunked miserably.

After this experience, I realized that if you want a good score on tests like these, you need to actively highlight only the right answers so there’s no room for confusion or misunderstanding.

It was hard at first; highlighting every single answer took up more time than simply reading them all! But soon enough I got into a rhythm and found myself breezing through exams in half the time with twice as much accuracy as before.

Highlighting also helped me learn better too by distinguishing between what was wrong and what was right quickly and efficiently, it made understanding difficult concepts easier since my attention wasn’t split across multiple ideas at once.

Plus, focusing on just one color made studying more fun and engaging instead of feeling like a chore!

Nowadays whenever someone tells me they’re struggling with their studies or can’t seem to remember anything from their readings, my advice is always the same: highlight everything correctly so you don’t forget again!


  • Comprehensive coverage of civil service exam material
  • Score-raising strategies to maximize success
  • 6 practice exams with detailed answer explanations
  • Includes advice and resources for all types of civil service exams


  • Some users may find the amount of information included overwhelming
  • May not include content specific to an individual’s civil service examination goals
  • Can be costly compared to other exam prep books on the market.

Kaplan Civil Service Exams, Second Edition provides government employment applicants with the knowledge and strategies they need to succeed on civil service exams, including 6 practice tests with detailed answer explanations.


The author of the Mometrix Test Preparation’s Civil Service Exam Study Guide Test Prep Secrets is an experienced professional in the test preparation industry.

They have extensive knowledge of both the subject matter and best practices for exam prep, and strive to provide comprehensive yet accessible material that can help anyone reach their goals.

The author understands that different people learn in different ways, so they have created resources such as practice questions, step-by-step video tutorials, tips and strategies, as well as a comprehensive review of all topics to help ensure success on the Civil Service Examination.

The author also provides links to online videos to supplement learning, ensuring that no one gets left behind in their studies. Ultimately, the goal is to help everyone achieve success on the exam and reach their objectives.

Mometrix Test Preparation’s Civil Service Exam Study Guide Test Prep Secrets is the perfect tool for test-takers looking to ace their upcoming civil service exam.

This comprehensive guide contains helpful practice questions, detailed answer explanations, step-by-step video tutorials to help master difficult concepts, tips and strategies for success on the exam, plus thorough reviews of all the civil service test sections.

From word relationships and analogies to reading comprehension and mathematics – this study guide has you covered! With reviews written by professional instructors in an easy-to-understand format, our product will equip you with the skills necessary to pass your civil service exam quickly and easily.

Readers of Mometrix Test Preparation’s Civil Service Exam Study Guide Test Prep Secrets will benefit from a comprehensive review of all test sections as well as practice test questions with detailed answer explanations.

Comprehensive tutorials, tips, and strategies to help readers get their best performance on the exam are included in the guide.

Additionally, readers will gain an understanding of critical concepts such as spelling rules, grammar forms, importance of communication skills, synonyms and antonyms for analogies, and much more that may be encountered on the exam.

y utilizing this guide, readers have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of civil service topics and develop sound test-taking strategies to help them pass the Civil Service Exam with confidence.

Just My Opinion Review

As I nervously sat down to take my exam, I was filled with anxiety. How could I possibly pass this test? That’s when it hit me – the study guide!

I had been dreading studying for weeks now and while looking through my shelves of books, there it was: a guidebook that contained all the information I needed to ace this test.

Not only did it have in-depth explanations and detailed diagrams on every topic being tested, but also bonus video reviews which helped me better understand each subject.

It even provided tips and tricks to help me during the actual exam day as well!

Thanks to this amazing helper, I was able to gain confidence in myself and felt prepared enough that when I entered the testing room, nothing would surprise or confuse me anymore.

Sure enough, after taking my final exams with ease thanks to that wonderful book–which cost far less than all other guides out there–I ended up getting an A+ on all of them!

It’s safe to say that purchasing such an incredibly comprehensive study guide before any exam is something you should never forget; so don’t wait until last minute like me get your copy today and make sure you don’t miss out on acing those tests!


  • Comprehensive review of all Civil Service test sections
  • Practice test questions with detailed answer explanations
  • Step-by-step video tutorials to help you master difficult concepts
  • Tips and strategies to help you get your best test performance
  • Online review videos for quick comprehension of topics
  • High standards for quality assurance in product


  • Product is not affiliated with or endorsed by any official testing organization.
  • Potential buyers should be aware that this is an independent study guide and not an official testing material.
  • Not available in physical form, only digital download.

The Mometrix Civil Service Exam Study Guide Test Prep Secrets is a comprehensive preparation guide designed to help you master the concepts, procedures, principles and vocabulary necessary to pass your exam with ease.

Firefighter Exam For Dummies
  • Bell, Stacy L. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 432 Pages - 02/02/2011 (Publication Date) - For Dummies (Publisher)

The authors of Firefighter Exam For Dummies are Stacy L. Bell, Lindsay Rock and Tracey Biscontini.

All three have extensive experience in the firefighting field, with Stacy currently a firefighter instructor and recruiter for the Chicago Fire Department, Lindsay a firefighter/paramedic with the EMS division at Medstar Washington Hospital Center, and Tracey a former NYC firefighter and current volunteer firefighter in Pennsylvania.

They have worked together to put their knowledge into this book in order to provide applicants essential information needed to pass the exam and excel as firefighters. Their combined expertise has resulted in an effective study guide that can help any aspiring firefighter ace their test.

Firefighter Exam For Dummies is the ideal preparation guide for aspiring firefighters looking to score their best on the exam.

Written by a team of experienced firefighters, this comprehensive book provides readers with an in-depth review of all the most commonly tested topics found in firefighter exams across North America.

It includes detailed coverage of reading comprehension, math, principles of mechanics, tool usage and recognition, memorization and visualization, and on-the-job scenarios.

Readers also benefit from study advice and test-taking tips plus 4 full-length practice exams with answers and explanations.

Additionally, this book comes packed with helpful information on conquering test anxiety as well as a complete review of the National Firefighter Selection Inventory (NFSI) – a battery of 105 questions that assess the job-related cognitive skills required of a firefighter.

Firefighter Exam For Dummies is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to safely pass their test and become a professional firefighter.

Readers of this book will benefit from the comprehensive review it offers of all the most commonly tested topics that are typically present on firefighter exams.

Additionally, they will gain valuable insight into how to pass the oral interview, psychological testing and CPAT.

In addition, readers can use the four full-length practice tests provided with answers and explanations in order to properly prepare for their exam.

Finally, readers will find advice on dealing with test anxiety and have access to tips and advice on how to score their best on the Firefighter Exam.

With all these resources available, readers can confidently tackle and pass their upcoming exam.

Just My Opinion Review

If you dream of joining the fire department, this book is your heroic sidekick! It’s packed with clear instructions and explanations that’ll give you all the tools needed to ace those firefighter tests.


  • Comprehensive coverage of topics typically tested on firefighter exams in North America.
  • Includes tips and advice on how to pass the oral interview, psychological testing, and the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT).
  • Offers 4 full-length practice exams with answers and detailed explanations.
  • Contains study advice and test-taking tips.
  • Includes information on overcoming test anxiety.


  • Not suited for those who are not actively preparing for a firefighter exam or who do not have an extensive knowledge of the profession.
  • May require additional resources outside of this book to achieve desired results.

Firefighter Exam For Dummies is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to successfully pass the firefighter exam and offers expert advice, study tips, practice exams and more.

Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Paul S. Lepore (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 330 Pages - 03/31/2007 (Publication Date) - Freespool Publications (Publisher)

Paul S. Lepore is a respected Fire Chief and author with more than 25 years of experience in the public safety field.

He has served as an officer, firefighter and chief in multiple departments across the United States.

In addition to his fire service career, he also has experience teaching at the college level within the Fire Science program at a local community college.

His expertise includes developing, managing and executing successful fire service operations, including training and development initiatives that emphasize critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques.

With his vast knowledge of firefighting procedures, Chief Lepore has been able to create a comprehensive guide to help entry-level firefighters prepare for their written exams: Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam 330 Pages.

This bestselling firefighter exam prep book is a must-have tool for aspiring firefighters! Written by Paul S. Lepore, this 330-page paperback covers virtually every topic you would encounter on an entry-level Firefighter Written Exam.

Organized into easy to understand chapters, the book begins with spelling and reading comprehension practice before delving deeper into language mechanics and expression, vocabulary, mathematics and more.

Every chapter includes sample questions with possible answers, as well as explanations of each correct answer so that you can fully understand how to solve problems like a pro.

Readers who use Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam as a study resource will benefit by being better prepared for the written exam.

Chief Lepore’s comprehensive coverage of virtually every topic that could be included on an entry-level firefighter written test will give readers a thorough understanding of the principles and rules behind each problem, allowing them to confidently approach any question they may receive. The book also provides practice questions and clear explanations of correct answers, helping readers become familiar with the types of questions they can expect to see on the exam.

Overall, this book is an essential study aid for anyone wanting to maximize their score and gain an edge in this competitive field.

Just My Opinion Review

Thanks to this book, I was able to confidently hit the ground running during panel interviews and reach my goal of becoming an amazing Firefighter! It gave me insight on how to showcase all my gifts in order for them (and myself!) not be left guessing.


  • Covers virtually every topic that you would be likely to encounter in an entry-level firefighter written examination.
  • Provides sample questions and possible answers.
  • Teaches the reader the basic rules and principles behind the questions.
  • Explains the reasoning behind each correct answer in easy-to-understand language.
  • Helps maximize score and gain competitive edge over others.


  • Not comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of exam preparation.
  • No practice tests included for evaluation purposes.
  • May not help improve score if comprehension difficulty is too high for individual learner.

Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam provides an in-depth guide to the written exam for entry-level firefighters, breaking down each topic with clear explanations and sample questions and answers.

Pros and Cons of Firefighter Exam Prep Books

Preparing for the firefighter exam can be an overwhelming process, and seeking out extra help can be beneficial. Firefighter exam prep books are a great resource that can aid in understanding the test material and format.

Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of using these books to prepare for the firefighter exam.


  • Firefighter exam prep books provide comprehensive information on all aspects of the test, such as content areas covered, testing tips, and practice questions.
  • These books are written by experts who understand what topics may be included in the test so they provide accurate guidance on how best to prepare for it.
  • The use of practice questions allows you to familiarize yourself with different types of questions and gain an understanding of the test format.
  • Prep books can be used as a supplement to other study materials such as online resources or classroom instruction.


  • Firefighter exam prep books may not cover all topics that are included in the test, so it is important to create a balanced approach by using other study materials as well.
  • It can be time consuming to review these books in depth, and some material may not be relevant for your specific firefighter testing situation.
  • The practice questions provided may not accurately reflect what will appear on the actual exam, so only use them as a way to familiarize yourself with the test format and content areas covered.
  • It can be difficult to find up-to-date prep books, so make sure you are purchasing a recent edition that contains the most relevant information.

Firefighter exam prep books can be a great resource for those looking to gain an understanding of the test material and format.

However, it is important to use these books in conjunction with other study materials to ensure you have adequately prepared yourself for the exam. By considering both the pros and cons of using these types of books, you can create a tailored approach that best fits your needs.

Firefighter Exam Prep Books vs. Online Courses

When considering the best way to prepare for a firefighter exam, there are a number of different options available. One popular option is purchasing a Firefighter Exam Prep Book.
These books provide detailed information about the various components of the exam, as well as practice questions and tips for success on test day.

Another option for those preparing for a firefighter exam is taking an online course.
Online courses offer comprehensive instruction from experienced instructors on all aspects of firefighting, including the set-up and layout of the exam, strategies for answering questions correctly, and time management techniques to maximize your score.
Additionally, many online courses offer personalized feedback on performance to help students identify areas where they need additional study or guidance.

For those looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to prepare for the firefighter exam, an online course may be the ideal solution.
However, Firefighter Exam Prep Books remain a valuable tool in helping candidates understand the content of the test and practice questions in preparation for their upcoming exam.
For this reason, it is often beneficial to use both resources when preparing for the firefighter exam – studying from a Firefighter Exam Prep Book and taking an online course.

Doing so will ensure that you have given yourself every opportunity to succeed on your upcoming examination.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to use a Firefighter Exam Prep Book or an online course (or both) will depend on individual needs and preferences. With careful consideration and personal research, you can find the best way to prepare for your upcoming firefighter exam.

Youtube Channels about Firefighter Exam Prep

If you’re looking for great resources to help you prepare for your upcoming firefighter exam, YouTube is a great place to start. There are many channels dedicated to providing in-depth lessons and tips on how to study and pass the test. Here are just a few of the top firefighter exam prep channels:

1. Fire Examiner Prep – This channel provides comprehensive video lessons covering all aspects of the firefighter entrance exams, including practice tests and detailed answers. They have videos specific to each region’s firefighting tests, as well as general advice that can be useful no matter which state you live in.

2. TechnicianTests – This channel has over 100 videos on subjects like math, reading comprehension, mechanical aptitude, memory, and spatial orientation. They offer lessons specific to firefighter tests and also have study guides available in eBook format.

3. FirefighterStudyGuides – This channel provides step-by-step guidance on how to approach each question type that appears on the firefighter exam. It also has plenty of practice questions with detailed solutions, so you can familiarize yourself with the test’s structure and the types of questions you’ll be asked.

Check out these YouTube channels for great resources on preparing for your upcoming firefighter exam. With their help, you’ll be well prepared and ready to start your career as a firefighter!

Another Online Practice Tools

In addition to books, there are numerous other helpful tools available that can assist aspiring firefighters in preparing for their certification exam.

Practice tests, test-taking strategies and study guides are just some of the resources available online or from firefighter exam preparation companies that can help candidates prepare for their exams. Flashcards and mobile apps also provide a convenient way to practice for the exams on the go. Additionally, many fire departments offer free training sessions in which applicants can learn about the specific requirements of their state’s certification exams.

These tools make it easier than ever for aspiring firefighters to achieve success on their certification examinations.  ​​​

Firefighter Exam Prep Youtube, blogs and forums are also excellent resources for studying, discussing topics related to firefighting and connecting with fellow aspiring firefighters.

People can share experiences, ask questions and gain insight into the profession from those who have been there before them.

This provides a great opportunity for applicants to grow their knowledge and increase their confidence in preparation for the exam.  ​

Overall, prospective firefighters have many options available to help them prepare for their certification exams.

With comprehensive books like Firefighter Exam 6th Edition by LearningExpress, online resources including practice tests, study guides and flashcards as well as forums and support networks available through social media channels like YouTube, aspiring firefighters can find all the tools they need to achieve success on the firefighter certification exam. ​

Firefighter Exam Official Resources

Aside from firefighter exam prep books, there are a variety of other official resources available to help you prepare for the firefighter exam. This list provides individuals with an overview of these resources and how they can be used to maximize your studying efforts.

1. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regularly publishes information related to firefighter exams. Their publications include legal codes and standards that apply to the fire service, along with studies on firefighting operations and tactics, as well as examination preparation materials.

2. Local fire departments often provide study materials for those who plan on taking the firefighter exam. Many localities will also host review sessions or offer practice tests prior to the actual exam date. It is important to take advantage of these resources as they can provide you with valuable insights into the type of questions that will be asked.

3. Online firefighter exam preparation websites contain numerous practice tests and study guides designed to help individuals prepare for the exam. Some sites also feature interactive simulations that allow users to gain hands-on experience before taking the real test.

4. Firefighter training schools often offer preparatory classes that are specifically tailored to those who plan on taking the firefighters exam. These courses may be offered in a classroom setting or online, depending on the school’s learning environment and availability of instructors.

By utilizing these official resources along with firefighter exam prep books, you can ensure that you are well prepared for your upcoming firefighter examination.


What are Firefighter Exam Prep Books?

Firefighter Exam Prep books are study materials designed to prepare individuals for the firefighter examinations.

These books may contain practice tests, test-taking strategies, in-depth information about firefighting and related topics, and other material designed to ensure that an individual is well informed prior to taking the exam. They can also serve as a valuable resource for those considering a career in firefighting or who wish to increase their knowledge of the profession.

What is the best way to prepare for a firefighter exam?

The best way to prepare for a firefighter exam is to use test prep books specifically designed for this purpose. These books provide practice exams, study tips, and in-depth analysis of the topics that are covered on the firefighter exam.

By familiarizing yourself with these materials, you will be better prepared to ace your firefighter exam and reach your career goals.

What topics should I focus on when studying for my firefighter exam?

The exact topics covered in your particular region or state may vary slightly from another, but generally speaking there are certain key topics that you should become familiar with when preparing for the firefighter exam. These include fire suppression techniques, hazardous materials management, emergency medical services (EMS), building construction, building fire dynamics, and legal aspects of the fire service. Additionally, you should also spend time studying the physical abilities test (PAT) portion of the exam.

How do Firefighter Exam Prep Books help me prepare for the examination?

Firefighter Exam Prep Books provide detailed information and practice tests to familiarize readers with the types of questions they may come across on the exam.

Additionally, they often include test-taking tips and strategies that can help an individual maximize their performance on the exam.

These books also provide background information about firefighting, including common terminology and techniques used in the profession, which can be beneficial for those studying for the exam.

How do I select a Firefighter Exam Prep Book?

When selecting a Firefighter Exam Prep book, it is important to consider your current level of knowledge related to firefighting and determine what type of material you need from a prep book.

It is also wise to read reviews from other users to ensure that you are purchasing a quality book that covers all aspects of the firefighter examination. Additionally, look for books with up-to-date information and practice tests that reflect the current exam format.

Finally, consider your budget when making a selection to make sure you get the most value for your money.

Are there any other resources available to help me prepare for the firefighter examination?

In addition to Firefighter Exam Prep Books, there are numerous online resources that can help you in your preparation.

Websites such as offer test-specific study materials tailored to the individual’s experience level and goals.
Additionally, there are a variety of practice tests and exam simulations available online which can provide helpful insight into the types of questions one may face on the exam.
Finally, many firefighting academies provide review sessions in advance of examinations which can be beneficial for those preparing to take the test.

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